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MG Arms clients are just as passionate about their firearms as we are. That is why they continue to come back to us over and over again. This page is dedicated to our loyal customers that have supported us through the 30+ years of business.

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I wanted to share with you pictures of the lion I got using the 375HH you built for me. I also attached a picture of the 270 gr triple shock bullets you loaded for me. The PH weighed them and all retained 100% of their weight! Two shots above each eye and an insurance shot in the chest. Also took a 46 inch buffalo with one shot using the 270 gr soft.
- Thanks, Hank


Here’s photo of my bull. Scored 365 gross. 42” wide and 55” main beam. Very pleased. He was an old bull and had 3 ivories.
- Thanks, Rena

Thought I'd send you the ibex photo from my most recent trip. Shot this billy at 415 yards on day 4 of my hunt in Kyrgyzstan. He's 41", so not a giant, but the biggest we saw in the area in 4 days of hunting. After initial trouble working up a load for it this summer, I backed my powder charge down to 73 grains of RL 22 then slowly up to 74 grains where it settled in to shooting 1/2" groups again at 200 yards. Must have had a hot batch of powder, but regardless it's shooting well again. I'll be taking it up for caribou next week and will get photos with the actual gun in the picture this time. Love the gun and will continue to recommend it to clients!
- Thanks again, Greg
  Molly McKinney

Wow Kerry and Carol, your rifles performed flawlessly for us in the below freezing temperatures of the Arctic ! Thanks for taking the time to quickly prepare them for this extreme condition before our trip to the Northwest Passage. We both got an awesome Greenland Musk Ox and I got an Arctic Island Caribou in 50 mph winds at 330 yards ! Whew, exhilarating shot ( in all honesty, I missed the first two shots trying to figure out the wind, 3rd time was spot on !).

Thank you for taking the time and dedication to manufacture a firearm that is, in my humble opinion, perfection !
MG Arms are magnificent !

"A couple of years ago you put a 416 Taylor barrel on my LH M70, added sights, barrel band and fiber glassed part of the stock. I finally made it to Africa and shot a Cape Buffalo with it, all in memory of John Wooters, a friend who inspired me to try the Taylor. While the buff was not as big as 2 of John's that I have seen, the fun was there and the adventure. The performance of the rifle is incredible. The 416 is every bit as accurate as any of the better deer rifles I have. One shot through both shoulders/top of heart/lungs put the buffalo down. Shot was at about 60 yards. I was prone, out in the open looking at a herd of about 120 animals. Following your recommendation, I used a Barnes 350 gr. TSX, the follow up with Barnes solids was not needed. That inspired me to later try a brain shot on a croc. Worked. Distance was about 40 yards. Took a while to get close. Rifle could have handled twice that distance or more. It has been common to get touching hole groups at 100 yrds using a lead sled. Practice was not abusive with the sled. Shooting in the field, I never noticed the recoil. The QD rings did. I resighted a couple of times during the hunt."
Thanks for helping me have a great experience.
Regards, Bill Head
  Armenian Mouflon

Your rifles are performing.
Let my son use the 300 Win Mag and he harvested a very nice MT WT at 202 yd. The new .257 Wby. Mag worked on my first Columbia WT, 20 min into my hunt in OR. This week it reached out to 324 yd. and dropped a nice 10 point MT  WT. The next day the 257 Wby. Mag "Over Performed" (100 gr. Barnes TSX)when I hit the spinal column. Heading to Emigrant MT today, will use the .257 Wby. Mag on Elk (have a bull and cow elk Lic.) and 2 wolf tags.
Thanks for two outstanding products.
Jim & Mike Remza

4 Horn Sheep  Bison


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