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A Happy Customer is a Loyal Customer
MG Arms clients are just as passionate about their firearms as we are. That is why they continue to come back to us over and over again. This page is dedicated to our loyal customers that have supported us through the 30+ years of business.

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Mike Simpson Testimonial

"Mission accomplished!  Got this just before the blizzard moved in. Barely got down from the mountains before it was total white out.  Taken yesterday with the Dragon Slayer near Boulder Utah at about 9800 (and I felt every foot of it). Had to go down a deep canyon and then back up. I keep telling myself, I'm not to old for the stuff, just too out of shape!"
               - Tom Zulim

  Dusty Beavers

"I just wanted to send you a quick note on Dusty's first hunting trip using the MG Arms Ultra Light in a 7mm Mag.  We went on a buffalo and pig hunt with Bitterwater Outfitters in Shandon, Ca. as a warm up for our African Safari.  Dusty took her buffalo with 1 shot at about 175 yards and took 2 pigs both with single shots one of which was on the run.  She has goten so comfortable shooting your rifle, cant wait for our African safari in May of 2013."
- Thanks again
Matt Beavers
  Bridget Gray

My AIC shot at 330 yards in 60 mph winds ! High anxiety shot !
Mike Simpson Testimonial

"MG Arms built an outstanding mountain rifle for me to use on my recent Marco Polo hunt that I took to Tajikistan. Using their Precision Hand Loads and advice, I was able to collect a fantastic ram at 625 yards."
- Mike Simpson
Conroe Taxidermy

Mark Wehinger

"Tajikistan 2012 Ibex, 1 at 600 yards, 1 at 420 yards. 3 animals, 4 bullets, all hits!"
- Thanks
Mark Wehinger
  Larry Pancake

"The crew in my camp thought the MG Arms Ultralight in 375 H&H was the best rifle ever made."
- Larry Pancake
Larry Pancake

"My MG was officially broke in this past weekend in the woods of Georgia! I am pleased to report that I shot my first whitetail buck on the first hunt with my exquisite MG .30-06 and wanted to extend a special thank you for playing a major role in this great experience.  I have shot many does and have passed on several small/young bucks the last few years but this was a good, old Georgia buck. While I am accustomed to sitting in a treestand for whitetails, on this hunt we stalked.  With that added challenge I was grateful for the light weight of my rifle since I carried it but didn’t take my buck until the third and last day of the hunt.  That is not a long time but I have been on hunts where my shoulder and back are stiff from carrying a slung rifle after only day one. I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with it! Prior to the hunt it proved its accuracy at the range and I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of recoil.  None to speak of!  This was just as you told me it would be. I can’t wait to take it to Africa in June and on many journeys thereafter.  It feels great to have a rifle I can call my own and such a fine one to boot.  As I am starting to travel and hunt more and more, it will be a part of many great memories/stories to come.  Thank you!"
- Dory Schoby
  Dan O'Connor

“Just wanted to tell you all that I absolutely love the 338 Ultra!
Went on an impromptu hunt this week and had planned on using the 7mag you made me a few years back. I ran to the range real quick to shoot it since I hadn't shot it since Canada last November and though I'd take the 338 also just to shoot a couple of rounds. It was dead on, so accurate and I loved the way it shot so much that I took it on my hunt instead. I shot an Impala Ram at about 180 yards and it dropped like a sack of bricks. Thank you! I can't wait to use this gun on some bigger game."
- Dan O'Connor
Stephanie Love

“Thanks so much for the custom Winchester Model 70 300wsm. I was able to take my first mule deer at 244 yards with one shot. I was also able to take 3 coyotes with 2 of them being at 400 yards. Rock Solid and Easy to shoot. Thanks for mounting the scope and getting it ready. I will def be using MG Arms again soon!”
- Dale Charles
  Dan O'Connor

"I took the whole family to South Africa to go to Jeff Rann’s daughters wedding and to hunt. Here is a couple of photos for your files. Possibly my favorite picture is my Daughter-in-law Amber and her trophy shot with the Zebra. The girls shot the .300 REM you made for me. All were one shot kills."
- Mike Rubner
Stephanie Love

"Taken with my MG Arms .35 Whelen!"
- Tom Zulim
  Dan O'Connor

"Just wanted to send you a couple photos of my Desert Sheep I harvested in Nov in Utah with my New 300 ultra mag. 460 yards. Another fine rifle as always.."  - Shaun
Stephanie Love

"Your work is great again, all one shot kills, tahrs and chamois on the run. Judy killed a real nice 12 3/4" tahr and chamois and a great 400"+red stag and I killed a chamois and a 14" tahr that looks like it might be at least in the Top Ten SCI."
- Tom Harwell
  Dan O'Connor

"A gorgeous giraffe with a gorgeous matching .375!"
- Wendy McQuown

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MG Arms proudly stands behind each firearm they engineer. Enclosed with each MG Arms firearm is our Infinity Guarantee. You, our customer, can anticipate 100% satisfaction and complete assurance of quality and reliability with your purchase of our product. The Infinity Guarantee solely covers an MG Arms firearm, not only the original owner. No other firearms maker can offer more than this simple, no-nonsense statement by MG Arms, Inc. to their customers.

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