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A Happy Customer is a Loyal Customer
MG Arms clients are just as passionate about their firearms as we are. That is why they continue to come back to us over and over again. This page is dedicated to our loyal customers that have supported us through the 30+ years of business.

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Bridget Gray

 These were taken with your great ultra light, shooting the hand loads you made for us.
Thought you might want to see them.
Tanya took 6 animals, all with the rifle you built here. Her favorite is a great warthog taken at 320 yards. 

  I just have to get a chart made of distances versus the lines and dots on that great scope. Her shot was slightly short, but perfectly lined up behind the shoulder. Off sticks at that distance is impressive.

  Bridget Gray

 Attached is a photo of my Vaal Rhebok taken in South Africa in June 0f 2013 with my MG Arms Ultralight Rifle in .325 WSM.  I had a great hunt with Charl van Rooyan of Infinito Safaris, located in South Africa. 

We did a “Bucket List” hunt, taking 9 great African animals, including Spotted Hyena, Blue Duiker, Honey Badger, Vaal Rhebok, Serval, Caracal, Bush Pig, Cape Bushbuck, and Oribi, over a two week safari, while traveling throughout the entire country of South Africa.   

The Vaalie was shot at a distance of 430 yards off of the PH’s own shooting sticks.  Professional Hunter Charl van Rooyan said that it was the longest shot that he has ever seen taken from shooting sticks in his entire professional hunting career.  The Vaalie was taken with one shot from the MG Arms Ultralight.  The shot penetrated both shoulders, taking out the heart and both lungs.  The Vaalie was hunted in the rugged mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa. 
Best regards, Vaughn Gourley

Ginni Boyd

"Ginni and I just returned from our second hunting trip in Namibia. Thought you might be interested in the attached photos. Ginni's MGA Ultralight 338 Federal did the job...all one-shot kills."
- Thanks, Mike

Ginni Boyd  Ginni Boyd
  Molly McKinney

"Kerry and Carol - at the SCI convention in January you asked that we send you some pictures of Molly with her rifle.  She took her first deer in November, and weekend before last she shot her first axis doe and hog (which was not much bigger than she, but very tasty nonetheless). She has really enjoyed using her rifle."
- Thanks Again, Phil McKinney

Molly McKinney
Bridget Gray

"I purchased one of your Ultralight rifles in 308 at an auction early last year.  I called and you were able to provide me with much information and enthusiasm.  I just wanted to drop you a couple of pictures and thank you so much for producing such wonderful rifles!   It's accuracy is unequalled, it's lightweight design and perfect trigger are drooled on by anyone who holds her, I have never had the honor of owning such a piece of firearm perfection."
- Sincerely, Bridget Gray
P.S. - Next... Red Stag this Fall!!!

  Armenian Mouflon

"We spent the weekend of Feb 20th to Feb 24th down at the Indianhead ranch again. I love that place. Laurent, my Son-in-law Ryan and an Armenian Mouflon taken at 452 yards with my .300 Remington Ultra Mag. It’s a fine piece of equipment. When I put the cross hairs on the target and do my part it’s deadly."
- Michael R. Rubner

I forgot, did I send you the ones’ with my Daughter and her 4 horn sheep and the bison from Indianhead? Also taken with the .300 remington ultra mag Kerry built for me.

4 Horn Sheep  Bison

Black Springbok  Eland

"Caroline and I each want to thank you again for the great accuracy work you did on our rifles, Caroline's Ruger No. 1 .30-06 and my Win. M70 375 H&H. Our safari was a great success, largely due to the confidence we had in our ordnance."

Best Regards, James and Caroline Osteen

Nyala  Gemsbuck
  Armenian Mouflon

"Kerry, 2 years ago at the Kansas City Safari Club Expo I bought your “accuracy package” and one of your custom stocks that you had generously donated to the KS SCI chapter.  You reworked and old Ruger model 77 30-06 of mine and made it a shooter like it had never been before.  Thank you.  I thought you might like to see some of its latest “work”.

Thanks again, Brian E. Bode

4 Horn Sheep  Bison

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