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A Happy Customer is a Loyal Customer
MG Arms clients are just as passionate about their firearms as we are. That is why they continue to come back to us over and over again. This page is dedicated to our loyal customers that have supported us through the 30+ years of business.

  • Mule Deer Very Happy Rifle Owner! Sorry no gun in the sheep photos thought you would enjoy the pic anyway. Very happy rifle owner.
  • Mule Deer Awesome Muley! Dropped him on top of a mountain at 200 yards. She shot an albino whitetail this year that could be the biggest non typical albino ever killed, she loves her gun. Alaska next.
  • Mule Deer Elk Taken with 338 Ultra
  • Elk 570 Yards With My 300 Ultra Wanted to pass along a photo of the bull my daughter Heather took this week with her MG Arms 300ultra mag. 570 yards. We do love ultra light rifles.
  • target Barrel Break-In
  • After Upgrade. First Class Equipment Carol, Again, thank you and Kerry for building a company that is making outstanding rifles and great loads for the first in class equipment. Great equipment does matter!
  • After Upgrade. Longest Shot of My Hunting Career. I am at the lodge in full hunting mode. I will include some sheep hunt photos that I took last week on a great "old school" backpack sheep hunt. My MG Arms 300 worked like a champ. We ranged the sheep at 461 yds at the shot. I had your ballistics chart and was sighted in at 300 yds. I showed 20" low at 450 yds with a 180 gr triple shock round. I held 6" over his back and center punched the heart. By far, the longest shot of my hunting career. Which leads me to my question. I'm about to go into the field for Grizz and Moose. I'm bringing my MG Arms 375 H&H. The rounds are your 270 gr trippleshock 69 gr RL 15 RP/CCI oal:3.600
  • After Upgrade. Second Hunt with Ultralight. My second hunt with my Ultralight .300 Win Mag was for Stone Sheep in northern British Columbia. Shot this ram on opening day at 400 yards. He dropped in his tracks, just like the previous ram (Desert Bighorn). The 180 grain Accubond hand loads seem to be doing the trick. We left our spike camp at 6:00 a.m. and returned at midnight, covering 2700’ vertical. I was really happy to be carrying a 7 lb rifle (with scope and sling).
  • After Upgrade. After Upgrade. Cape Buffalo 39 inches, score 114. After your upgrade to my 416 Rigby.
  • I am extremely happy with this rifle. I am extremely happy with this rifle. Wanted to share a photo from my Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt in Sonora, Mexico, the first hunt with my new Ultralight .300 Win Mag. I shot a nice ram on Day 4 of the hunt, a 350 yard shot straight up a steep incline. He dropped in his tracks. Pretty much a perfect shot! I am extremely happy with this rifle. It weighs a little less than 7 pounds with scope and sling, consistently shoots sub-MOA groups, and the recoil is amazingly light. Next hunt will be for Stone Sheep in August.
  • Your firearms are amazing ! Your firearms are amazing ! Denise's Polar Bear
  • Another hunt, Another Trophy with my MG Arms Ultralight 325 WSM Another hunt, Another Trophy with my MG Arms Ultralight 325 WSM My MG Arms Ultralight 325 WSM has become my “go to” plains game rifle in Africa. Here is a picture of my rifle with a beautiful 3 ½ inch Damarland Dik Dik that was taken in Northwest Namibia two weeks ago. My MG Arms Ultralight 325 WSM also accounted for a wonderful Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Stallion and three very respectable gemsbok. I love that rifle and its accuracy!
  • Alaska Black Bear Success Alaska Black Bear Success I would like to thank MG Arms for the gunsmithing work on my Ruger 7mm Mag (accuracy package, custom ammo, & custom stock). I had a very successful Alaskan Black Bear hunt and I'm very pleased with the accuracy and light weight of my rifle. The custom stock made my rifle very light and easy to pack on long hikes in Alaska. I have attached the photo of my 6"7" Black Bear and I'm looking forward to the next hunting adventure with my customized rifle.
  • The Gun is Awesome The Gun is Awesome I thought you would like this pic of my son with the bobcat that he shot this weekend. Perfect shot at about 175 yards. The gun is awesome.
  • Game Taken with my MG Game Taken with my MG
  • MG Arms Ultra Light 280 Ackley LH- First Season MG Arms Ultra Light 280 Ackley LH- First Season I just thought I would share the results of my first three shots on game with the rifle you built for me this year. The 5x5 bull elk and muley buck were from Colorado and the whitetail fell in Pennsylvania. Three one shot kills with my own handloads. Thanks much,
  • A Super Rifle A Super Rifle We harvested a very nice Alberta Mule Deer with the 300 Win Mag you folks built for us. It has become our "Go-To Rifle". It's an outstanding product. Thanks!
  • My Son's First Buck My Son's First Buck My 8 year old son Atlee took his first buck Saturday with my MG Arms CK-4 in 6.8. He dropped in his tracks! Atlee was so happy and excited as was I.
  • 375HH 375HH I wanted to share with you pictures of the lion I got using the 375HH you built for me. I also attached a picture of the 270 gr triple shock bullets you loaded for me. The PH weighed them and all retained 100% of their weight! Two shots above each eye and an insurance shot in the chest. Also took a 46 inch buffalo with one shot using the 270 gr soft.
  • Nevada 8 x 8 Bull Nevada 8 x 8 Bull Here’s photo of my bull. Scored 365 gross. 42” wide and 55” main beam. Very pleased. He was an old bull and had 3 ivories. Thanks,
  • 825 yard Elk 825 yard Elk Just wanted to thank you for the 300RUM Ultralite rifle you built me this past spring. I took it to New Mexico, Unit 23 (Gila National Forrest) and on the second day, I shot this 350" Bull Elk at 825yards, one shot. I was hunting with Michael De La O of Gila & Apache Outfitters in Reserve NM. These guys are the real deal, and this country was so rough,that without that sub-MOA accuracy of your rifle, it would have never happened. The 7 total pounds (with Huskemaw 5-20x50) of weight made the world of difference in that country. I think I am ready for a 280AI in your signature series when I get back home. Thanks to you and your staff for such a fine firearm.
  • Still in Love Still in Love I am still in love with my MG Ultra light! Thanks again!
  • Fourth Try's the Charm Fourth Try's the Charm I just wanted to let you know that I finally got a cougar on my fourth try. I used my trusted and favorite .270 from two of my favorite peeps! Thank you once again.

MG Arms proudly stands behind each firearm they engineer. Enclosed with each MG Arms firearm is our Infinity Guarantee. You, our customer, can anticipate 100% satisfaction and complete assurance of quality and reliability with your purchase of our product. The Infinity Guarantee solely covers an MG Arms firearm, not only the original owner. No other firearms maker can offer more than this simple, no-nonsense statement by MG Arms, Inc. to their customers.

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